Professional approach in

Sea Transport

As Ship Global Logistics, the most basic transportation solution we offer to our customers is sea transportation.

We work with the world's leading shipping companies.

Fast Delivery in

Land Transportation

One of the solution proposals of Ship Global Logistics is road transportation.

Extensive agency network, experienced and expert staff

Option and price advantage in

Air Transportation

As Ship Global Logistics, we deliver your
products on time with full security with our distinguished agency network.


About Ship Global Logistics

As Ship Global, we offer solutions to our business partners in the field of sea, air and road transportation, storage and distribution services for Asian, American and European countries with our expert staff.

We combine our knowledge, experience and experience with minimum cost and delivery conditions in minimum time, and we use constantly developing communication technologies to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.

Mission: To be one of the important companies that make a positive contribution to the society and the environment and shape the Turkish economy by developing innovative applications in the areas we serve, keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront without compromising on quality.

Vission: To make new investments with high added value by making a difference in every field we are involved in, without compromising our values, and to rise to a leading position in the countries and sectors we are in.

Quality Polciy: The fulfillment of all legal requirements in the services we provide, the continuous updating and improvement of our employees and company procedures constitute our most basic quality policy.


Tio Certificate